Wednesday, August 13, 2008


...of my demise are greatly exaggerated (man, my spelling brain ain't working tonight...none of that looks right).

So. What's been happening?

Moshi had half her face eaten by a yeti*. Poor dude. She was not cool for a few days, but a couple of hundred quid at the vet and some cat-soup (yum) and these things sort themselves out. Cat-soup is not something I'll be making again in a hurry...especially at 6am with a minor hangover. Ask for the recipe if you dare!

I built a small patio (like, way small) and bodged up a tiny (like, tiny) wall.

I got an HTC Raphael...and it doesn't suck....yet. The Diamond stopped working aurally (heh).

Everyone at work seems to be on holiday...can you believe I had email in single figures today? OK, I had 4 hours of phone calls, but still...

I just explained procreation to a (nearly) 3-year-old thus: Half of you was in daddy and half of you was in mummy and we decided to make a 'you' by putting the two halves together to make a one. And you became a little blob of life, then you grew inside your mummy for almost a year and then you came out with your arms and legs and your head and your hair and you were a whole human being and I loved you as soon as I saw you.

Flo: And...did I die?
Me: No, honey.
Flo: But you cried!
Me: [silence] how the fuck? [/silence] You make me cry and laugh all the time!
Flo: Yeeeaaaah...I'm funny!

I donated "bonobo" to Rose because it was mainly doing my head in getting all hot on my lap like some kind of poledancer (or cat. I forgot how fucking uncomfortable they can be, what with the claws and the higher body temperature and shit) and was tempted by another Lenovo replacement....but I've been sold on the MSI Wind (rebadged as Advent from PCWB).

So that's 300 nicker for the basics delivered and I'll be replacing the wifi and hard-drive (I think 320Gb FTW!), adding some RAM and sticking my (lovingly honed) version of Xubuntu on there. I've also recently boosted up a 4Gb pendrive with not 1, but 2 bootable linux distros...and they share the same 'home' partition on the drive...I should do a howto soon.

At least I can stop using work laptop at home.+

* This is an exaggeration. Moshi got bit on the snout by a bigger cat and ended up with a big cut on her lower jaw and a broken tooth.

+ It's that or sit in a cupboard with the server, KVM switches, cardboard boxes, and a keyboard on my lap.

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