Monday, April 28, 2008


The camera on my HTC Diamond (yeah, be jealous fuckers!) freaked out on Sunday and suddenly stopped displaying what the lens was pointing at (no, I'm not describing this well am I?), but I thought it was a more serious hardware fault and so it was not actually taking any pictures. Well a hard-reset later and it seems it was taking photos...

Anyway, before it broke Flo treated me to her Michael Parkinson impression (although, I'm not quite sure what the "rabbit face" is about).

We had an awesome day messing around in the garden and then wandered round the museum for a bit before going for "froffy mi-ulk" and some lunch. Then it was back to the ranch for some rockin' out on the guitars and some pretend bakery...I had apple pie, biscuits and croissants....all made out of stones.

Might take the proper camera to Slartibrava this week, but I'm travelling as light as possible...hmmm, perhaps time to break out the Scott E-Vest I have knocking around my coat rack.

And I haven't forgotten about the "mixtape". I've just found two awesome new tracks to go on there so it's provisionally due next weekend (I'll bosh it together when I get back) as I'll be listening to it while I finish cleaning my floor (no Flo next weekend, boo00!)...I'm thinking of calling it "May 'n' All Pro Laps"!

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