Monday, November 05, 2007

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot

Had a great weekend with Flo. Sunday morning was spent playing football in the "different park", swinging and playing in a sand pit. Then we went to the "muse-ian" for some culture, a coffee shop for a donut and a drink and then back to daddy's house for lunch. Attempted a nap (which failed) and then playing in the leaves....

Flo: What's dat?
Me: That, honey bear, is a statue!
Flo: Stat me?
Me: N0 it's a man.
Flo: Stat You. Stat Man.

Flo in racing stance....with racing hat.


It's a Tiger daddy!

Agh! It's roarin' at me daddy!!

Eatin' my pens!

Leaves are very "in" right now, and there's not a lot funnier than a toddler up to her waist in leafage!

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