Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Crappier The Weather

The more wonderful it is to spend the entire weekend indoors with Flo.

All photos in random order...laziness!

We did some painting....of which more later

We chose many, many books to read.

We licked ourselves clean!

After eating some yoghurt.

We did lots of painting (akchudee!)

We danced on the circles on Daddies new bed (thing on right is "Flo's House" contains a dragon...and serves as my bedside table).

And on "mine own noo bed"! Note tiger, who has to sleep on Flo's right hand side apparently.

Flo helped me cook dinner (by cutting pastry with a very blunt table knife).

And ate lots of our chicken & chickpea tagine type thingamummy.

"Geen Hand Daddy!" she said as I walked in (after going for a quick wee)...

"Love you Daddy" she said as she snuggled up in my bed because she'd had a bad dream.

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