Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Hate Today

Today has been very annoying.

I have 45 pence in my pocket. I have 8.59 in the bank. You cannot withdraw this amount without going to the bank. The bank is closed. And anyway, the nearest one is about 2 miles away. The local shop does not accept Amex. Luckily Tesco do. Tesco is about 1 mile away. Luckily I have food and it is pay day tomorrow.

Work is aggravating. Having to fill out reams of documents to "track" (read create red tape) for the last version of OGDR (basically, the Orange mobile bible!) I will have to contribute to.

I have watched all my films and downloaded TV. Myth Bustered out...watched The Life Aquatic last night, Sin City the other stuff not downloaded yet. And anyway I can't for the life of me think of a film I want to watch....any ideas?

I have read all my books. At least twice.....I need more! Any ideas? SciFi please!

I got so bored last night I made cardboard robots for Sonny and Esmae.

Lil got sick on me. :)

I only have the crappy camphone right now, so no pics thereof.


It is payday tomorrow and M&D are coming down on Sunday and I do have Lil for 2 hours that day....and I did buy her a new toy today :)

So....I am going to hibernate this evening...and wake up tomorrow when it is Friday, Pay Day, Happy Day and unfortunately Washing Day.

Take the rough with the smoothe.

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