Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When Awesome Attacks!

Yes I am on a bit of hiatus from the blog. Got a fair bit going on at the moment, but none of it of interest to the internets (at least not all of it and not now anyway).

I've been mighty annoyed with work recently; it seems that to do anything (e.g. restart a server) I have to attend 2 meetings (to get clearance), get someone to write a detailed instruction sheet (and I mean like "...and then press the [ENTER] key..." detailed) or write it myself, get that "validated" by an "architect" (from a team called ARS...heh)...and all of this 7 days before I need the work done.

Bureaucracy. Gotta love hate it!

Anyway. Coupla things happened today which cheered me up...

- I got a Sony Ericsson Rika (on trial)...is nice.
- I am apparently known as "the device management guru"...[fingernail buff]...should get that as my job title!
- I found £20 stuck to some wet leaves outside my house this morning (at 6am)
- I am so looking forward to being "The Professor" at Es's birthday party it's untrue
- I have Friday off


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