Monday, June 23, 2008

Pretentious? Moi?

Saturday nights dinner could not have been more local: Lamb from down the road. Beans, onions and carrots from my mate Charley's allotment, potatoes, sorrel and spinach from my back garden. Yummy!

My "jungle" as Flo calls it. Rocket, nasturtium, calendula, potatoes, sweetcorn, borage...pansies.

My outdoor "office", more potatoes and borage...Sorrel, nasturtium and chervil.

"I'm Atchitaka being a mermaid!" (don't ask)

Chocolate croissant, porridge with blueberries...breakfast...any opportunity to get mucky!

We got to the farm early. Just right for feeding time...them goats is hungry. Flo is sporting her "coat in a bag", which she thinks is amazing (I think it's pretty awesome myself!)

We rocked some tats! (yes, that is an ice cream in her other hand)

It was very windy, which led to a game of "Blown Away". This basically involves spinning in circles shrieking and then suddenly collapsing on the floor...having no fear of looking like a fool I readily join in with these games...people round my way must think I'm a loon.

They are correct.

More garden produce. Summer Salad: Rocket, Sorrel and Spinach with Nasturtium and Borage flowers...spicy!

Flo playing with the "nature garden" (not a lot going on yet). She's got some plastic bugs, spiders and frogs in the little pond...if I could get her to stop playing in it, there might be some real "nature" hanging out there one day.

Improvised sun hat FTW! That's an old shower cap, which Flo refers to as her "Bakers Hat" was scorching in that corner, plus my garden is nicely sheltered so there wasn't much wind to cool us down.


I'm off to Paris for most of this week interviewing potential suppliers for the deployment of my system to Africa...sounds exciting? It's not.

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